Sabtu, 16 April 2011

[NEWS] F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki & Ichikawa Yui at the press conference for “Muscle Girl”

F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki and Japanese actress Ichikawa Yui recently attended the press conference for their upcoming drama, “Muscle Girl!“.

As reported earlier, this will be Lee Hong Ki’s first appearance in a Japanese drama. He commented, “I’m not really able to pull all-nighters in Japan, even though I’m doing it all the time in South Korea. Somehow the mornings approach way too fast in Japan! And I’m a night person…”

Ichikawa already noticed this problem as well, as she commented, “He is always in a bad mood in the morning.”

“Muscle Girl!” is a sports comedy about the president (Ichikawa) of a female pro-wrestling organization which is unfortunately facing some financial struggles. She happens to meet a South Korean star (Lee Hong Ki) who came to Japan in order to search for his mother. Teaming up, the two protagonists and Ichikawa’s female wrestlers try to fight against their biggest rivals, another veteran wrestling organization.

The drama not only marks Lee Hong Ki’s first venture into the Japanese drama market, but it’s also Ichikawa’s first starring role in a commercial drama.

She personally had to perform some wrestling moves, like a lariat and a sleeper hold, for flashback scenes that show her hey-day as a professional wrestler 10 years before. When asked about her most muscular body part, she replied, “My abs! I’m training hard right now in order to get nice abs.”

Lee Hong Ki also revealed that he was struggling a lot with his Japanese lines, yet he was able to understand and respond to all questions at the press conference in Japanese. Commenting about Ichikawa, he said, “I saw her in ‘Kurosagi‘ and ‘Ju-on‘. I thought that she would be a really cold person and was worried about becoming friends with her, but it turned out that she is really cheerful and kind. She is learning Korean, so I’m even able to speak Korean with her.”

Ichikawa also enjoys working together with him. She said, “He is quite a prankster and is really cute.”
He stated, “I was both surprised and felt pressured when I heard that I’d be participating in my first Japanese drama. But after I began filming, it was all so fun and I hope to show it to everyone soon.”

Ichikawa Yui commented, “I was surprised every time I saw how much more fluent Lee Hong Ki became in Japanese every time I saw. He’s such a caring person, he frequently worries for others when they’re not in good condition.”
Lee Hong Ki praised back,
“I always thought Ichikawa Yui had a bit of a cold personality, but she’s actually very warm and bright. She even learns Korean and tries to hold conversations with me.”
When asked about F.T. Island’s main theme song, “Haruka“, and “Itsuka” which will be included in F.T. Island’s upcoming Japanese album on May 18th, Lee Hong Ki revealed, “The two songs are different both in recording style and instrument style from previous F.T. Island songs. They both fit the drama very well.”

The late-night drama will start on April 19th.

2nd Mini Album - FTIsland Beautiful Journey

FTIsland 2nd Mini Album - FTIsland Beautiful Journey

01. 사랑 사랑 사랑

02. 굳은 살이 박혀버려..

03. Baby Love

04. 미친 듯이 너 하나만

05. 돈키호테의 노래

(ALBUM) Special Album : The Refreshment

F.T. Island Special Album : The Refreshment

Special CD1: Emotional Chapter
1. 너 올 때까지 => Until You Return
2. 사랑이야 => It's Love
3. 눈물이 더 가까운 사람 => A Person Who's Closer To Tears
사랑앓이 => Love Sick
행복합니다 => I'm Happy
6. 천둥 => Thunder
한사람만 => Only Love
집착 => Cling
남자의 첫사람은 무덤까지 간다 => A Man's First Love Follows Him To The Grave
하지말래요 => They Said To Stop

Special CD2: Island Chapter
1. FT Island
Reo Reo
마중 => Meeting
사랑하는 법을 몰라서 => Because I Didn't Know How To Love
첫키스 => First Kiss

(ALBUM) First Album:Cheerful Sensibility

F.T. Island Vol.1 : Cheerful Sensibility

1. 사랑앓이 => Love Sick
2. 행복합니다 => I'm Happy
3. 천둥 => Thunder
4. 한사람만 => Only One Person
5. 집착 => Cling
6. 남자의 첫사랑은 무덤까지 간다 => A Man's First Love Follows Him To The Grave
7. 하지말래요 => They Said To Stop
8. FT Island
9. Reo Reo
10. Primadonna
11. 마중 => Meeting
12. 사랑하는 법을 몰라서 => Because I Didn't Know How To Love
13. 첫키스 => First Kiss